It’s Fall, Y’all! What GTA Loves About Fall

By Jeilianne Vazquez

Happy October 1st! The official fall month, in my opinion! October is a great month to start off the fall festivities. Though times can be stressful, and we have those midterms approaching, fall has something about it that makes all things clear. Simple and festive! Some things I like to do around the fall time are binge Gilmore Girls, bring out my sweaters, go to a pumpkin patch, go hiking, and anything pumpkin spice (no shame)!

I asked senior BFA Musical Theatre major Allie Hill and sophomore BFA Theatre Design & Technology major Peyton Wehunt some of their favorite things about fall and their traditions!

What do you love to do for the fall season?

Allie Hill

 Allie Hill: Around fall time, there are a few things I absolutely love to do! If there is a record store, a thrift store, and a small coffee shop, I’m there! A perfect fall day to me would be going to the city with my friends, having brunch, and spending all day walking around outside, talking, laughing, and drinking anything pumpkin-flavored. (Basic, I know, but I can’t help myself). I love to go on picnics, photo shoots, and long walks at the park during fall. Any time I can be in nature and surrounded by good music and good people is a perfect day to me.




Peyton Wehunt

Peyton Wehunt: Spend time outdoors! I work in a zipline park and seeing the leaves fall while out on the trails and courses makes me so happy! At work, we have a really big net trampoline way up in the air. We love to rake all the leaves in the middle of the net and take turns jumping into them!





Do you have any fall traditions?

Allie Hill, Grace Deedrick, Abby Hand

Allie Hill: My roommates, Grace Deedrick, Abby Hand, and I have a tradition of decorating the minute it hits September 1st. We always say that we can’t control much in life, but we can control when we decorate for the holidays! We also like to take silly, spooky pictures together, and decorate cookies. When we have the time, we like to watch scary movies together, too! If the school year allows me to make it home for a weekend, I love to paint and/or carve pumpkins with my mom and go antiquing with her and my dad!





Peyton Wehunt: In the fall, my parents and I always go down to Orlando and spend a few days at Disney World! It’s the one time of year that all our work and school schedules line up, so we can spend some quality time together. It was actually on one of these trips many years back that I learned about the Disney College Program. While working at Disney, my love for theatre and creating was reignited and is what made me transfer to GTA!





What is a fall must-have?

Allie Hill: A fall must-have to me is a good pair of platform boots or combat boots! I love how browns and burgundys and blacks look on me, so those are usually my favorite colors to wear. I think having a staple button-down to layer with, and your favorite leather jacket can make any fall outfit elevated! Oh, and also, an iced pumpkin spice dirty chai, because duh.

Peyton Wehunt: I think everyone needs a good group of friends who are willing to do fall activities with them! Last year, my friends and I had a ghost photo shoot outside and had an incredible time doing it! I’m really looking forward to carving pumpkins and making those little ghost sugar cookies with my favorite people this year!





This is your sign to relax and enjoy the cool breeze! Take a walk, get that fall-themed drink, and enjoy the fall because it will be gone before you know it. (I highly encourage you to meet up with some friends and take some cute ghost photos!) Tag us @gainesvilletheatrealliance so we can join in all the fall fun!

“Autumn leaves don’t fall; they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar.” – Delia Owens